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Where would Argentina be from now?
tuan_jinn 3 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Brazil 2 - 0 Argentina


They got knocked out by humble, clinical Brazil. But they were, this time, better. That's bitter for Messi, Aguero and co. They played the best game in a long time.

Brazil, on paper, of course should win, played at home, with a full team of stars at the peak of their career, and Dani Alves who just rolled back all his best years. SURPRISINGLY, Argentina was no less, created chances, didn't take them, but really pushed Brazil to be in their best defend. The same Argentina everyone shaked their heads in the last few games.

That looks like a bright future for this Argentina's new blood. All new faces + Messi, Aguero and a couple more.

Messi, might retire again, I hope not. But they do have something to build on, this coach made some bold moves and it starts to look bright.

quikzyyy 3 years ago
Arsenal 428 8836

you might call it clinical Brazil, but i'd say referee fucked up that game so badly.

raimondo90 3 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2491

1 clear cut pen on Otamendi not given and 1 debatable pen on Agüero (which lead to second goal). The ref heavily went easy on Brazil while not being shy on carding Argentina. We were far better than all our other games combined and it shows promise.

Few mistakes from defence and Brazil punished us. Two posts. And bringing Di María was a giant mistake. De Paul being taken out another mistake. Sums up everything. Brazil has been pretty average all cup, but they are in the final and we are not.

DarthFooty 3 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 24 934

Until Argentina fixes their political front office, they wont regain their power. It's almost as if the players are only really playing for their club and not a collective for the country. Spain did that for a very long time and then boom, dominated global football for a decade.

Brazil is getting back it's groove and I hope they can continue to grow as a program as well. Nothing like getting humiliated in a World Cup to wake you up as a nation.

Emobot7 3 years ago
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Yeah, Brazil wasn't superior to Argentina in that game for me. Argentina wasn't treated well by the ref and were unlucky with their finishing. Its not a complete excuse but I feel like their fan shouldn't be as harsh on them considering that. I like how Dani Alves himself agreed with Messi and said the ref was indeed more nervous than them (the brazilian player). Kinda goes to show it was obvious his decision making wasn't the best. Seem to me he just wanted to get this game over with asap which could explain why he didn't used VAR. Still, if that case, that was a clear lack of proffesionalism.

Dynastian98 3 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140

Brazil, on paper, of course should win, played at home, with a full team of stars at the peak of their career

Neymar was out, Silva is 34, and 3 of their forwards/midfielders are below 23 years old (Everton, Jesus, Melo). How are they "a full team of stars at the peak of their career"? If anything, that's the Argentine front line.

This Brasil side isn't particularly strong without Neymar. I think Brasil played fairly well, and Argentina had some very strong moments too. But Brasil looks like a shell of themselves without Neymar. I am a little surprised that they deemed the foul on Aguero to not be a penalty, though. Overall, I didn't think the officiating was too bad.

Although, Messi was fuming after the game. This is what he said:

They (VAR) got tired of calling shitty fouls in this Copa America and today they didn't even check it. Today they never went to the VAR. All the bullshit decisions were to favour them (Brazil). Cards for us, not for them. There were clear fouls that he (the referee) never saw. In the tournament there were shit handballs, stupidfuck penalties, and tonight nothing. I hope that Conmebol does something, although I do not think it will do anything because Brazil manages everything.

Emobot7 3 years ago
505 11033

@Dynastian I dunno, you make some good point but I feel you are harsh on Argentina. Sure, their frontline is full of star, their mid-field and defense, not so much. Also, I feel there are a lots of really good player in the starting line-up for Brazil. And Jesus despite being young is still very good and has lots of experience at the top level.