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When I die, I’m going to ask God where the referees are
quikzyyy 2 years ago
Arsenal 426 8621

Since the forum has been quiet for a while, time to spice it up a little. This is how United or should I say referee ended Arsenal 49 invincible status.

Arsene Wenger:

We lost our status as Invincibles against Man Utd in a game where referees shared some of the responsibility. It wasn’t deserved. When I die, I’m going to ask God where the referees are before I choose between Heaven & Hell.

To add, this referee is now the General Manager of the PGMOL. (The body responsible for professional football officials in England)

Ledley 2 years ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1310

Didn't Wayne rooney end it while he was 16 years old playing for Everton ???

Gennady 2 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 280 3870


Marcus2011 2 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6499

United fans don’t like it when you show them factual evidence. Reality distorted field of Lala land is where they live in. Arsenal never deserved to loose their streak in this fashion.

Tuanis 2 years ago
Manchester United, England 85 2290

Arsenal's streak and "invincible" status was only thanks to Van Nistelrooy missing a penalty..
Overrated team, didn't even break the record for points in a season.
That game had bad refereeing but claiming it was one team who's at fault and that the referee was purposely favouring said team is just the #1 terrible loser indicator. The game wasn't even that important, it was a meaningless streak that didn't decide any trophy in the end.