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What's for Mourinho and Spur, post Covid-19
tuan_jinn 18 days ago
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Tottenham ended things with Mauricio Pochettino in search of a trophy - but three months in, they have nothing to show for that change in direction

This sums up pretty well what's going on there.

Now, regardless of the coach, I think we can all agree that Spur has been facing all odd and took the toll on their last CL journey which they wasn't ready for. This is no rocket science, plenty of teams have shown this tracks (the closet was Leicester City after winning EPL.

Obviously, Mou started well, but then it started falling apart. He was the one talked about inheritance, and once again he took a team that was kinda broken. Is it gonna be the same? But isn't it what he is hired for??? His reputation earned him the tough job, high paid.

I see the same old tactic, slowness in game's reaction... the exact same crap at MU and Chelsea, may be he needs a bigger break to refresh himself, loose the old Mou.

BUT, with that being said, he has been extremely unlucky, the core, the talents of Spur got injuries one after another. Without the star players, NO coach can turn things around. I feel bad for him there.

Covid-19 and football break can be a good twisted turn for Spur and for Mou. I am quite confident if it wasn't there, Mourinho and Spur would be fighting for Europa League spot by now (sure it's just by looking at the form). Can he turns thing around?

SunFlash 17 days ago
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Problem with Spurs wasn't Poch and sure as hell isn't Mourinho.

If Levy actually opened up the checkbook they might have a chance. But to ask a manager, any manager, to keep a team atop a league and competing in Europe with 30m or less in funding a season is hilarious. It's a brave new world, and you need $$$ to compete.

Sure the stadium was expensive and helps the long term, but if long term was what they were worried about they would've kept Poch.

Emobot7 16 days ago
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Personally, I think the problem with Spurs isn't only money. Its also might have to do with motivation. I mean, for 5 year now, they been working hard to change their situation and enter the big six going as far as the CL final but despite all this, they got nothing to show for it. The drive to keep going must be tougher to be found honestly.

As for Mourinho case in specific, I think the backline is propably his biggest problem. Davinson Sanchez is still too young while Vertonghen and Alderweireld aren't at their best anymore and its hard for them to stay consistent. He would need a John Terry kind of player who is in his best form to lead the defense.