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What happened to the football highlights?
Bolvack 4 years ago
Barcelona 3 152

I've been a long time user of this site, but after COVID break, the site just wont show up highlights anymore, only a link to a tweet and maybe sometimes a youtube video, not even thumbnails of the games. What happened? Will this be momentary or permanent?

tuan_jinn 4 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

@Bolvack: it's temporarily.

I think it has a lot to do with partner, licensing etc... and of course Covid-19 screws everything up. Let's hope things will be back soon

netsten 4 years ago
Chelsea, Belgium 44 992

Same question...
Is there any way to get rid off the predictor, beting tips,and watch football videos below via stream football.
On the homepage or at least for members of the FR familly...
The actual homepage is a mess... I Miss the old FR with thumbs for every games...

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expertfootball11 4 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

Agreed too. Non-highlighted related stuff occupy like 75% of the whole home page. Not normal.