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'We have to kick him, once each!' - Melo reveals Brazil's plans to stop Messi
tuan_jinn 20 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6629

Not that shocking, but still quite surprising :D

To be honest we have all seen what happens from time to time when teams face Messi. The little devil genius, we should have done that in the 2nd CL final we lost:D. The first one we would have to kick Iniesta and Xavi too :D.

I play against someone like that and our team always have people closely mark him, and say to ourselves, foul him if necessary. :D. We ended up fouled him the whole game.

But it's good to have some one came out and say that like Melo, :D so we would appreciate how much Messi, CR7 or similar players must suffer.


Emobot7 20 days ago
411 10020

Damn, thats pretty honest. XD

But seriously, I understand the where he's coming from but I still wish there wouldn't be need for that kind of mentality in football. Though lets be honest, against certain player, such extreme measure are the only way to stop them.

tiki_taka 19 days ago
Barcelona, France 360 9575

I think those who really abused him are Chile, he was kicked hundred times and they didn't get any sending off.

DarthFooty 19 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 9 493

Not a new tactic at all. Just watch older matches with some of the best ever, they are getting abused in some cases, they just stay up or play through it more than today's players. I hate divers!!! haha

tuan_jinn 16 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6629

I find South American football is way trickier anyway. :D

@Darth: Well I agree, but I do have sympathy for some players, their legs worth millions... they would have to avoid fouls and exaggerate to get the refs' attentions. But I do agree on some ridiculous cases (like Neymar :D)

_Pelle_ 10 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 100 5917

Someone said they needed a gun to stop him... so kicking is a bit more ”humane” :)

Emrecan_58 9 days ago Edited
Besiktas 143 3238

Coming from Melo, not that surprising hahah. He once beat up his own teammate Riera.enter image description here

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