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Vinicius, La Liga, Racism
Emobot7 14 days ago
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So, as you propably know, Vinicius Junior been the victim of racist abuse and insult a lot in his career but especially this season in La Liga, there was another case of it in Real Madrid last game against Valencia which took huge proportion. I'm sure you propably already know about this but the whole situation is making a lot of football main actor react and take position.

Anyone has thought on the matter?

SunFlash 14 days ago
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There are many suggestions to combat hooliganism, many of which can be found in this insightful paper. However, racist abuse is only slightly related to hooliganism, it's not a sport problem per se, it's a societal problem.

The answer is, as always, to be more proactive and have better societal counters to racism as a whole. Truth is, it's socially acceptable to be racist in stadiums, because it's socially acceptable to be racist in society. With the exception of my time in the American South, I've never seen more incidents of racism than when I was in Europe. People were not called out on it, or shamed, or anything else. People just laughed along. Until that changes, these incidents won't disappear.

Gennady 14 days ago
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How to stop racism in football. According to ChatGPT.


Tackling racism in football is a complex task that requires concerted efforts from multiple stakeholders, including football governing bodies, clubs, players, coaches, fans, and media. Here are some strategies that could be employed to help eradicate racism from football:

  1. Stricter Sanctions: Football governing bodies should implement stricter sanctions for racist behavior. This could involve heavy fines, point deductions, or even expulsion from competitions. The penalties should be harsh enough to deter such behavior.

  2. Education: There should be ongoing education about racism, its impact, and the importance of inclusivity. This could be incorporated into player training, coaching programs, and fan initiatives. It's crucial to reach young people early, so education should also take place in schools and youth leagues.

  3. Reporting and Monitoring: Encourage players, officials, and fans to report instances of racism and ensure there are easy and confidential ways to do so. Use technology to monitor and record games to provide evidence when incidents occur.

  4. Player Support: Provide support for players who are victims of racist abuse. This might include mental health resources, legal assistance, and public statements of support.

  5. Representation: Increase the diversity of those in decision-making roles within football. This includes team management, coaching staff, referees, and executives in football associations.

  6. Community Engagement: Football clubs should actively engage with their local communities, promoting inclusion and diversity, and leading by example. They can also support organizations that are fighting racism and promoting diversity.

  7. Collaboration: Collaboration between different clubs, countries, and governing bodies can help to present a united front against racism. This could include joint initiatives or campaigns to raise awareness and promote inclusivity.

  8. Inclusive Policies: Implement and enforce inclusive policies at every level, from grassroots football to professional leagues.

  9. Role Models: Encourage players to act as role models, speaking out against racism and promoting inclusivity.

  10. Media Collaboration: Media plays a key role in shaping perceptions. Collaborate with media outlets to ensure they are part of the solution, not the problem.

Remember, the goal isn't just to stop overt acts of racism but also to address the underlying attitudes and biases that contribute to racism. This is a task that requires continuous effort and commitment from everyone involved in the sport.

barcelonaman 14 days ago
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DarthFooty 14 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 31 1020

Point Deduction.... Closed Matches (No fans).... It's hard because you punish the wrong people, but eventually, the mob wins.

Algerino 13 days ago
Napoli, Algeria 6 828

This was so sad. And he got a red card smh

_Pelle_ 13 days ago
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Six VAR refs have been suspended after that Vinicius incident at Mestalla where he got a red card. But I don’t know if it is a genuine move or if La liga is just trying to show that they are doing something.

Emobot7 12 days ago
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@Pelle I'd say its propably more a case of trying to saving face, don't forget Spain want to co-host WC 2030 with others countries so the federation need to watch out for their international reputation.

iHEARTfootball 12 days ago
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Agree with point deduction. The fans represent the club as well, both on and off the pitch.

Footy_watch 12 days ago
Arsenal, Brazil 14 1733

La liga is a finished league. Vinicius needs to leave that league behind and come to the premier league

helderwieling 12 days ago
Ajax, Netherlands 0 9

Do you think this would have had a place if Real had won La Liga? I think not.

helderwieling 12 days ago
Ajax, Netherlands 0 9

@Footy_watch to a place where Man City still haven't had their points taken away from them because they need to win the championship?