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'Video for this match is not available'?
banzala 9 years ago
Chelsea, England 1 0

The error comes up for almost every video I click, is it just me?Thanks!

KTBFFHSWE 9 years ago
Chelsea FC, Sweden 52 2449

Mate, there are tons of threads about this. Search it. Meanwhile, clear the cache and turn off adblock. Also, welcome to this great community in FF. Chelsea supporters are especially welcome.

tuan_jinn 9 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Hi mate, welcome to FR.

As for the video problem, yeah sometimes we do have that. Like @KTBFF said just go to the search box in upper right and search for "video", you will see related threads (different solutions and reasons)


  • Chrome or Firefox
  • Restart browser if you must
  • You dont have to disable Ad Block but some says it helps.
  • Change your support club to Manchester United, legends say it helps.
CroatiaFan123 9 years ago
Arsenal, Croatia 66 2775

Welcome to FR! There are many threads about this, just search for it.


LMAO, 'Change your support club to Manchester United, legends say it helps.'

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