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Unai emery new arsenal boss
Kayoko 5 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 3 419


Dynastian98 5 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140

No improvement. I expect Emery's Arsenal to be very similar to his Sevilla team. Maybe a promising season here and there, but overall a 4-8th place team.

quikzyyy 5 years ago
Arsenal 428 8862

We need to see new tactics, we need to see new display, end laziness of a players like Ozil. New motivation with manager who won't be afraid to bench the biggest stars when they get too comfortable. Get more organised, fix the defence problems,

First game he managed PSG in the French Community Shield, they beat Lyon 4-1. They played with such an intensity, showing his philosophy - high pressing, lot of runs, full backs bombing forward. And this is exactly what we (okay, at least me) want to see. Get some fucking intensity, start playing with passion. Evolve the current boring gameplay into something new, more fascinating.

I'm kinda afraid of his english but in my opinion, it's much better choice than Arteta, who has absolutely no experience at all. They said we have talked with 8 potential candidates. So, Enrique, Allegri, Emery, Arteta, Vieira, Rodgers, Henry, Nagelsmann? I'd welcome Jardim or Allegri before him, but I take that rather than anyone other in the list.

His first press conference.

About the language:

My English is not very best now and I'll make an effort to speak with you, to the supporters to explain my idea, to explain my ambition, to explain I am very excited for this opportunity at a big club, a great city, a grand stadium, and also great players for this work."

I guess it takes some courage to reply in the language you're not that good, gotta give him some credit for that.

Unai on his style of football:

My idea is to be protagonists, all the match. The history here is one thing: they love to play with possession of the ball. I want a squad very very intense for pressing. Two things are important: possession & pressing.

Pressing with this team would be beautiful. Rest of the team presses while they create ton of space for Ozil, similar way like Germany, or Ozil under Mourinho. Passion is something which this team certainly miss, so hopefully..

Unai asked what constitutes success this season.

Developing... but how do you develop? I think that means challenging for every title. Those are the two targets: to win titles, and to make the fans proud of the team.

Let's see what will the transfer window bring, hopefully GK, CB, CDM and something different, coyg!

Croatian 5 years ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 23 1323

I think good transfer window should get him proper team for next season. He maybe isn't top quality coach (not made for some of the best teams in the world IMO) but I'd still wanna see him in Arsenal. His football is great and with this team he might accomplish some good things. And don't see reason people already claim he isn't manager for big success, he has notable results in big matches, especially with PSG, they lacked experience against RM and against Barcelona, huge part of the loss is on him, but players and referees also influenced scoreline.

IMO, in 2-3 years he'll build a good team. Don't worry Arsenal fans, he won't stay as long as Wenger, if things go wrong, board will feel the pressure again. If Arsenal drops from top 6 or something I think they will be ready to react.

Emobot7 5 years ago
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I personally don't want to judge too fast, its still technically better than Wenger in my opinion but I agree I would have half expected a bigger name. Lets see how he does at first and then we will see.

@quikzyyy I like the comment about his team being the protagonist all night long, pressing was alway something Arsenal was lacking, hope he manage to Arsenal a much better team when they are off the ball.

@Croatian Yeah, the reason why they kept forgiving Wenger for lack of results is because of all he did in the past for Arsenal and the fact he was a legend. Clearly, they will hopefully be more demanding with their other manager.

tuan_jinn 5 years ago Edited
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

It looks like he is going to respect Arsenal's culture and style as a club.

I dont think he has the ability to do that though. He might try, but then fail and success in his own tactic (instead of possession and attack) with this very current squad

But wish him all the luck

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It looks like he is going to respect Arsenal's culture and style as a club.

I dont think he has the ability to do that though.

But wish him all the luck

the_bald_genius 5 years ago
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hopefully he can sort out xhaka slow playing football. speed and intensity is what play the arsenal way had missed. with the budget and the current squad, it's going to be a huge project for him. good luck.