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UK guy in Italy sadly
Trevorthebig 3 months ago
LA Galaxy 2 7

My parents kind of banished me to some town near Milan in Italy and I don't like it here. No full English like rly...Glad to be here, at least I'll get to discuss football

Emobot7 3 months ago
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I don't know exactly about your situation, but I'm sorry to hear about that. Moving into a new home is hard as it is, its even harder when the culture and language around you is completely different from what you know. I hope things work out for you nevertheless.

As for Footyroom, we are also glad to have you. Really hope you enjoy this wonderful site where we love to discuss football. We are like a big family and are alway happy to welcome new members! I hope you have a great time here and enjoy great discussion with the rest of the guys. If you need help with anything, you can drop on my wall and ask me, I'll do my best to help! :D

DarthFooty 3 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 8 445

Welcome to FR Trevorthenig. Hope you enjoy your time here!

quikzyyy 3 months ago
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better weather, you can learn italian, better food, enjoy mate! one day you will be really grateful.

iHEARTfootball 3 months ago
Manchester United 36 848

No better place to discuss football :) Welcome!

Marcus2011 3 months ago
Chelsea FC, England 275 6239

Are you kidding? Get out enjoy Milan. You will find English speaking people in every corner there. You will never get bored there if you push yourself out of the house

RTBRKR 1 month ago
Juventus, Great Britain 0 2

Hi Trevor,

Italy is not a bad place to live to be honest. True that not many people speak english there, especially outside the cities, but food is great and usually people apreciate emglish speaker foreigners. try to frequent places with people of your age, try tto find places where you can do things you like (play football, watch games etc, gym classes etc.) finding common passions is the quickest way to make friends.

When you have teh chance of course go to Milan, there are many more opportunities there to meet new people.

I have done exactly the same but the opposite, from Italy to UK! :)

Best of luck mate.

Ledley 1 month ago
Celtic, Australia 39 1167

You can talk to people just by playing footy. No need to learn the language even ✌️

tuan_jinn 28 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 188 6512

Welcome mate :)!!! Cheers up btw, not sure how hard it is to learn Italian, but good look. You can do it.