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Two Iranian teams and one young italian coach
Miorem 2 months ago
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An agent recently introduced a young Italian coach named Marco Donadel to two Iranian team called Havadar FC and Nassaji FC. During Donadel's playing days, he was present in the teams of Fiorentina, Milan, and Napoli and Italy national football teams , and he also coached in the youth teams of Fiorentina and Ancona FC.Now it has to be seen whether there will be negotiations with him or not.
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EdwardMatthew 1 month ago
Madura United, USA 0 15

Thanks for sharing the news about Marco Donadel possibly joining Havadar FC and Nassaji FC in Iran. It's exciting to see his transition from player to coach, especially with his background in top Italian teams and national football. Negotiations with him could bring valuable insights to the teams. Looking forward to the developments.