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Transgender players
mattstockholm 8 months ago
Stockholm U16, Sweden 1 2

What are your thoughts on transgender players? Should transgender men play on men's teams?

DarthFooty 8 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 36 1098

Might be wrong of me to think this way, but I have no issues with a female (transgender female to male) playing on a men's team, but I do have an issue with a male (transgender male to female) playing on a women's team.

Medically, we all know the advantages of post-puberty between men and women, and in fairness, a true women's game shouldn't have a man playing against them.

I am all for their transition and they should be able to live their lives how they feel fits them best, but if they really expect equality, then they should understand the differences in athletics.

In my book, there are two genders. You are born one of them, not assigned. (in rare cases you are born with both, but that is not the topic) If a born female goes to the doctor to see why she can't get pregnant, they will test to see why that is. If a born male goes in to ask why he is not getting pregnant, well no doctor will run a test to find out why..........

If any of you here are or know someone who is transgender, I only wish the best for you, I really do. Pull up a chair and we can talk, especially about footy. It's the politics and agendas I don't care for. Let people be who they want and just move on with your lives.