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Top 50 Greatest Managers in Football History!
Gennady 5 years ago
Manchester United 284 3961

"France Football", one of the most reputable magazines in European football lists top 50 greatest managers in football history!⚽


11 Matt Busby
12 Giovanni Trapattoni
13 Jose Mourinho
14 Miguel Munnoz
15 Brian Clough
16 Marcelo Lippi
17 Nereo Rocco
18 Louis van Gaal
19 Ottmar Hitzfeld
20 Bela Guttmann
21 Fabio Capello
22 Zinedine Zidane
23 Viktor Maslov
24 Herbert Chapman
25 Jupp Heynckes
26 Bob Paisley
27 Jurgen Klopp
28 Albert Batteux
29 Guus Hiddink
30 Udo Lattek
31 Diego Simeone
32 Arsene Wenger
33 Vicente del Bosque
34 Jock Stein
35 Tele Santana
36 Vic Buckingham
37 Rafa Benitez
38 Hennes Weisweiler
39 Sir Bobby Robson
40 Dettmar Cramer
41 Mircea Lucescu
42 Tomislav Ivic
43 Stefan Kovacs
44 Luis Aragones
45 Frank Rijkaard
46 Otto Rehhagel
47 Raymond Goethals
48 Marcelo Bielsa
49 Antonio Conte
50 Jean-Claude Suaudeau

ForeverBayern 5 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 44 593

My top 3 would be:

  1. Alex Ferguson
  2. Valeri Lobanovski
  3. Johan Cruyff
amir_keal 5 years ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 66 2895

Wenger at 32 is disgusting, especially behind Zidane.

Marcus2011 5 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

Lol as soon I saw Wenger behind Zidane - I was like what?!! Are you fcking mad?!! Be should be in top 10

Man revolutionized footballl in EPL!! His training methods and many things in the background!

Mourinhos always revolutionized football, and anyone who understands football a bit will know why.
As far as Guardiola as always exaggerated, but rightly in top 10

Why is Carlo Ancelotti in top 10? Mate, he never had to built his own team from scratch - he had talented players. Won the league like 3 times Max if I am not mistaken.

I honestly think that being manager after year 2000 became twice harder! They became central and first person to get blamed. To stay in the top as manager is very difficult. I can make exceptions to Alex Ferguson but even he had undeniable support from the board - which was my way or high way. No one dared to challenge him.

I can go with Johan Cruyf and Lobanovski but the rest in top 10 from old times don’t deserve to be there. My two cents.

quikzyyy 5 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

27 Jurgen Klopp

32 Arsene Wenger

k mate.

Marcus2011 5 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

First two minutes where Mourinho explains why Wenger doesn't deserve to be number 32 but high up there in top 10.

quikzyyy 5 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

even through their rivalry, the way they worked together in Champions League final was mindblowing. masterclass of analysis. you can see José has so much respect for Arsene. wish we could see these two together more.

spursrocks 2 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 1 36