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Spurs Sack Nuno after 17 games
quikzyyy 7 months ago
Arsenal 426 8768

Well, to be said their football was absolutely terrible to watch

amir_keal 7 months ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 66 2892

Spurs acting like a big club once again, no surprise here

Emobot7 7 months ago
473 10890

Conte was linked with both United and Newcastle beforehand but seem like he's going to Tottenham in the end. Its going to be interesting how it goes since Spurs aren't known for drastic change like certain team Conte managed to stir up to success recently. One thing for sure, in the short term, they are better off with Conte than with Nuno.

Footy_watch 7 months ago
Manchester City, Brazil 8 1485

If only Arsenal had that big club mentality

DarthFooty 7 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 22 889

I liked Nuno a lot. I feel he is a player's coach and he did a great job with Wolves. Not sure what happened with the Spurs and you can't discount how much of a change took place with him in charge, so something was a miss. I hope he finds another home and shows that he is a good manager.