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Spain's Formation in against italy
awais007 9 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 178 922

i think Spain played with their 4-6-0 formation and all are goal maker but not goal scorers and i think that if they continue this so they gave poor result to us so what's your opinion about this

SW33TNESS 9 years ago
Chelsea, Germany 1 10

I totally agree with you. Than afterwards as Torres came in Spain had a lot more goal threatening chances, unluckily they couldnt finish them but I agree with you. Its of no use to have countless playmakers if theres no one to finish it into goal.

Tuanis 9 years ago
Manchester United, England 85 2290

Italy is not that good, a tie against them means they played bad... Spain won't get far in the Euro now that they don't have Villa and Puyol

naman93 9 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859

when a spanish fan sees pedro, torres, llorente on bench and fabregas as CF, he knows that his chances are fucked !!

WhatTheHell 9 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 15 591

Villa and Puyol is the machine of Spain its the MIDFIELDER (XAVI,ALONSO,BUSQUEST,SILVA and INIESTA)

expertfootball11 9 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2806

0 in attack? Is this a joke?

awais007 9 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 178 922

@expertfootball it is not a joke but a bitter reality