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Some positivity during the pandemic
_Pelle_ 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain 156 6885

I’ve had some extremely difficult moments during this pandemic and have been in a very bad shape at times😭😫

But I thought it’s time to focus on positive things! So... as for me I became a father for the second time and I managed to get a job that fits me pretty well, despite the problems in the labour market.

Please share any good news or positive things you’ve seen or experienced. Lets remind ourselves that there are good things in life too 💪😁🥳

Question: Have you experienced anything good/positive during this pandemic?

Algerino 3 years ago
Napoli, Algeria 6 845

Bought a playstation lol

SunFlash 3 years ago
USA 19 3260

I moved back from Belgium to live with my parents and complete my master's at my local university. I'm very aware that once my degree is completed I'm likely leaving Canada again and that the total amount of time I've spent with my parents this year alone is likely more time than I'll spend with them for the rest of my life combined.

I've tried to make the most of that.

Lacoste 3 years ago
Liverpool, England 32 563

Congrats on becoming a dad for the 2nd time.

Yeah, went through a break up and work problems were the main two reasons for my stress and depression during the pandemic, but for positives I met a new girl, fell in love again :)

Emobot7 3 years ago
538 11432

@Pelle Congrats mate. :D

@Sunflash Good for you, in today society, it seem to become harder and harder to make time for family. Wish you managed to make some good memory with your parents.

@Lacoste Congratulation on falling in love again, alway something special. ;)

Myself, I didn't have much happen to me but I was also lucky to nearly not have been affected by the pandemic. If anything, this lead to me discovering way of keeping in contact and do stuff with my sisters like zoom or boardgamearena.

Emrecan_58 3 years ago
Besiktas 149 3375

Congrats bro, happy for you!

tuan_jinn 3 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

@Pelle: Congratz mate!!! That's a great news.

@SunFlash: GREAT!!! I know exactly how you felt, i went abroad after high school a long time ago and everytime I go back home (yearly), I stay with my parent. I dont want to miss any minute of it.

Myself, it's a super busy period, WTH is weird, but I work in IT so it's a lot easier compare to the other industry. I still keep myself fit, run a lot, plays lots of squash (till it's not possible anymore) and picking up tennis again. And most importantly, I get to spend a lottttt more time with my little son.

expertfootball11 3 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

Looking for a job in financial control... wish me luck!

Yusuf_10 3 years ago
Manchester City, England 16 73

well put this way i aint getting a job for another 10 years

Yusuf_10 3 years ago
Manchester City, England 16 73

other i also bought ( recieved as a gift) a PS4

RichardFenner 8 months ago
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Navigating the FootyRoom forum and discovering "Some Positivity During the Pandemic" has been a breath of fresh air. Amidst these challenging times, hearing stories of resilience and kindness from fellow members has been truly uplifting. From backyard training sessions to virtual matches, the soccer community's spirit shines bright. Sharing our journeys of finding joy and staying connected through the beautiful game has been heartwarming. Grateful for this platform to spread positivity and reinforce that even in adversity, soccer unites us with hope and camaraderie.

_Pelle_ 8 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain 156 6885

You put it nicely.👍

And I had completely forgot about this thread… all the nice words.

My son is now three years old and just stopped wearing diapers!

Keep the good news coming!

NormaBraun 8 months ago Edited
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Amidst the pandemic's challenges, an unexpected silver lining emerged – ample time to focus on studies. A Research Guide became my trusty companion, aiding me like a helpful tutor for students. With routines disrupted, I delved deeper into learning. The guide's insights and resources enriched my understanding. It's akin to finding a roadmap for academic exploration. While the world slowed down, I accelerated my knowledge acquisition.

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The pandemic brought forth immense challenges, and for many, including myself, it was a period of adversity. Finding silver linings amid the turmoil wasn't easy. However, I believe that acknowledging the struggle is vital. Despite the hardships, I managed to unearth personal growth and resilience. It's a reminder that even in the darkest times, fragments of positivity can emerge, shaping us in profound ways.

DouglasClemons 8 months ago
Inter Miami CF, Bangladesh 2 12

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