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Some people say that the opponents in the Champions League except Juventus are weak, what do you think about that?
wingoal 3 years ago
Real Madrid, China 8 8

Barcelona continue to show two different faces in their respective competitions this season, coming up with a comfortable win over Dynamo Kyiv on Tuesday. The victory, their fourth in four matches in the Champions League, means they have picked up more points in Europe (12) than in their eight games in LaLiga Santander (11) so far this campaign. The Blaugrana have also scored just two more goals in LaLiga Santander this season (15) than in the Champions League (13), despite playing twice as many matches in the domestic competition.

tuan_jinn 3 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Indeed, same happened to Manchester United.

That's why for years there are people who go on debate that: should a team labeled as Europe domination if they dominate UCL (Real a few years back for example), however Barca at the same time kept kicking their asses domestically...

League like EPL, La Liga sometimes can be even harder to win compare to UCL, UCL sometimes luck can do wonder for your path. This has been proven year in year out.

That proves your opponents are weak at times (not always), and your motivation are different.

With that being said, this takes nothing away from all the glories UCL winners deserved. it just simply says, yes, UCL opponents can be weak, your path can be easier, and winning UCL doesn't prove dominant

DarthFooty 3 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 34 1064

Any time you bring in teams from different leagues, you will have some differences in playing levels. Take the league a team comes from for instance. You would figure a team from the EPL would fair better than a team from Scotland, no offense to Celtic and Rangers, but it's just not regarded as being on the same level overall.

You have the bigger leagues like EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and a few others, but even these are "rated" by many. France and Spain are dominated most times by two teams. Italy can seem that way as well, and might as well add Germany. Traditional powerhouse teams tend to boss.

But as you go down the league tables, you have to consider the quality of football being played. Many would say ELP is the best in the world at the moment. Others claim the Bundesliga. No matter who, you still have clear "favorites" in a group.

Now mix the group with all the qualifying teams and play with your own determination of favorites. Why do you think Group of Death iterations are so fascinating? A single group that has more of the "top" teams is an eye-catcher but also opens the door for smaller clubs in other groups to get farther.

This year is no different. It will be an ebb and flow based on how a team is playing, quality of the players, tactics, injuries, ect...

Yes, some teams are weaker in the competition. How much fun is it to see a smaller team go deeper and pull off some upsets?