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Smartphone does not connect with sstp vpn protocol
jessicarobert 11 months ago
Bourges 18, France U18 2 8

I am new vpn user and I don not have enough information about. I always connect my pc with sstp vpn protocol but when I connect on my smartphone, it shows an error. Why?

noisygirlkk 11 months ago
NY Cosmos, Germany 1 4

Did you contact the support of the vpn provider you are using???

jakecrew 11 months ago
Nancy, France 5 22

Which VPN you are using?

_Pelle_ 11 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain 112 6139

lol what a way to spam ads

Obviously same mastermind behind all these accounts chatting

noisygirlkk 11 months ago
NY Cosmos, Germany 1 4

Than you should change your android phone, which phone you are using and the android version???

Trevorthebig 6 months ago
LA Galaxy 2 8

Smth similar happened to me, the speeds were different like day and night between my Android and PC, on Android way lower. I was advised to read this and tweak protocols and check server loads