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Croatian 8 years ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 23 1323

What could you see at Czechia-Croatia game, was amazing attack and defence of Croatia and heart of Czech players to come back with mediocre attacking perfomance. It was personally one of most exciting games on Euros... Until the group of extremist hooligans started threwing torches and having fight with peaceful REAL Croatian fans. This is picture found in one of comments.
*Croatian fans (left) having fight with hooligans, mostly younger people certainly under alchocol effect or drugs.*

Can someone please explain how can someone ruin entertainment and they own nation? I will be happy if we don't get kicked.

Gennady 8 years ago
Manchester United 284 3961

At first I thought it was Czech fans vs Croatian fans, then I found out it was Croatian fans fighting each other and was like WTF.

I especially felt bad for Srna, who's father died right after Croatia Turkey match, and like 2 days ago he attended his funeral and today he was playing for Croatia. Srna said his father's dying wish was for him to win as much as possible at Euro 2016 so when I was watching Croatia winning 2-0, I was very happy for Srna, but then their own fans ruined everything.

I also wonder what started this whole thing.

Mainzfeldski 8 years ago
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Trash. Every single person who did this.

Kick them out of France. Kick them out of Croatia.

Whatever they want won't be accomplished by their cowardly tactics.

gg Czechs.

rockycruickshank 10 months ago
USA U20 0 2

The war between Czechia-Croatia never ended. They were inherently different from each other and still are.