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Season Start: Manchester City vs Liverpool
Emobot7 9 days ago
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The kickoff of the new season for me was today Community Shield between Liverpool and Manchester City.

The game ended 3-1 in Liverpool favor but I believe it was a really interesting game.

Liverpool for me dominated, creating a decent amount of good chance that they managed to convert in time to confirm their victory.

Manchester City had good moment after the first goal and the dynamic seemed better for them when Alvarez and Foden were substitied on.

However, Darwin Nunez made the difference for Liverpool by winning a penalty and scoring a goal toward the end of the game.

This game also was the occasion for both Nunez and Alvarez to score their first goal for their new team, I'm quite excited to see more from those two.

I gotta say, this face-off between the Reds and the Citizen really made me quite optimist for the coming season, I'm hoping to catch more games as well this year.

But what are your thought about the game and the coming season? How are you feeling about it all?

quikzyyy 8 days ago
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Can't wait for Haaland memes!

SunFlash 8 days ago
Manchester United, USA 19 3230

I hope someone other than City or Liverpool wins the title. That would be nice.

Emobot7 8 days ago
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@quikzyyy Haha, yeah, people were mocking Darwin Nunez before the game but now the situation reversed in Haaland disfavor. Personally, I'm not as critical as other folk though, Haaland still need more time to adapt to his team-mates and the gameplan, he's gonna get there.

I'm just pleasantly surprised to see Darwin fitting in nicely already.

@SunFlash For sure it be nice but its hard to see who could do it, don't think none of the big four are really there yet in term of consistency but we'll see.