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Ronaldo banned for 5 matches for pushing referee
ramaboy10 7 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

Thoughts? I think it's a bit of a stretch but he really shouldn't have pushed the referee.

Yvan21 7 years ago
0 440

Could have been worse tbh. Doubt Madrid will miss him, maybe against Sociedad since that can be difficult away game.

danteskyhigh 7 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 0 24

I didn't see any intention to harm at that moment to be honest. It was just a normal, somewhat playful response to something you don't really agree with; like your sister pushes you a little when you tease her.

Ref had a big one up his imo.

tuan_jinn 7 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

It is too harsh.

It's started from a ridiculous ref's mistake and a dumb celebration prior to that too :D.

I can understand rules are rules (they need to be consistent and to prevent provocation to the crowd in similar cases, which Ronaldo shouldn't have done). But 3 games all together would be reasonable.

I guess similar to Messi, it will go from 5 to 3, and even if it's not, this is just a beginning of the season, Real is fine without him for a few games.

Emrecan_58 7 years ago
Besiktas 149 3375

You need to be able to control yourself man. Rules are rules. You can't touch the referee with any intention of an attack.
Considering this got 8 month ban from UEFA ↓

And this got 11 games ban from TFF ↓

5 games is "considered" pretty normal for a push.

tuan_jinn 7 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Yeah most of these might provoke the crowd and can lead to disaster, I dont see that in this case though.

But you are right, rules are rules

Pupper 7 years ago
Juventus 0 214

4 matches is the minimum penalty I believe, so not really harsh.

Emrecan_58 7 years ago Edited
Besiktas 149 3375

@tuan_jinn Yes though. It can be obviously seen that Ronaldo regrets just the moment after he does that.

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Yes though. It can be obviously seen that Ronaldo regrets just the moment after he does that.

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492

In games like these you gotta keep your cool and above that you have to respect the ref. The push is a silly way to be suspended but I guarantee you he will never push a ref again. 5 matches is standard and Im glad Ronaldo wasn't given special treatment of the offence. Real will be fine, especially with Isco and Asensio on fire.

LucasR 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 0 9

I think he deserves it

DarthFooty 7 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 36 1085

He pushed the Ref, therefore the punishment. You cant touch them. Heck players who continue to crowd the Ref are supposed to be punished now as well. Ronaldo is smarter than that and now has to pay. I agree that Madrid will be fine without him though.

Dynastian98 7 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140

He deserves what he got. 5 match ban is nothing considering this is only the beginning of the season. He won't really miss much at all.

scores 7 years ago
Arsenal, England 0 50

This is bad for him to win pichichi

SunFlash 7 years ago
USA 19 3260

Seems to be consistent with other instances. I've got no problem with it.

tiki_taka 7 years ago
Barcelona, France 367 9768

Cant help to see people defending a player that pushed a ref after a decision which for me was quite logical, both yellow were absolutely justified.
But hey, its Ronaldo, when he dives it should be PK or nothing for him, so he can repeat it as many times he wants.

At Bernabeu ref could have whistled a pk, with the pressure. A diver is a diver, there is no difference who is the player.

MadridKilla 7 years ago
Barcelona 0 1244

He think he is above the law, so well deserved call by Ref

Jack_Jack_Jack 7 years ago
Liverpool, England 0 32

will ronaldo celebrate like that agian does everyone think?

rayrex7 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Croatia 26 797

Red card not deserved. Ban deserved.