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Richarlison makes heartwarming gesture to Everton fan
TheRecapGuy 13 days ago
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Richarlison spotted seven-year-old Everton supporter Charlie Danher walking past his house in Crosby

Richarlison gifted his signed match-worn Everton shirt to a seven-year-old supporter who 'idolises' him this week.

Charlie Danher waved to the Brazilian after spotting him in the window of his house in Crosby.

Richarlison asked Charlie to wait while he retrieved a signed shirt and posed for photos with the Everton -mad schoolboy.

Rosemary Campbell, his mother, told the ECHO : "We went to Crosby beach for a walk.

"Charlie is a huge Everton fan and he idolises Richarlison. We took a walk down the road so Charlie could see Richarlison's home.

"Richarlison happened to be at the window of the house waving to my son. He then realised my son was so happy to see him, and he told us to wait there so he could bring him a shirt.

"He then brought him a shirt out of the house and signed it for him while my son held it. He was happy for me to take photographs of him and my son. He was so kind and genuine and made my son so happy.

"I feel like this is the kind of spirit everyone needs to hear at the moment. I thought it could bring a smile to people’s faces."