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Quique Setien press conference analysis
Emobot7 3 months ago
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So, I went ahead and took a few note from some of the most notable information Quique Setien shared in his first Barca press conference:

  • Its a dream for him to be at Barca and he will do his best to share his enthusiasm with his player.
  • He want to win title at Barca while playing a beautifull game.
  • He feel Barca got amazing young player and that if a young player deserve it, he will play.
  • He appreciate Barca player and believe they are able to put high performance in every game they play.

So in a nutshell, there will propably be competition for the starting spot in the starting eleven, the young player will be given more chance, the team will propably play more beautifully than under Valverde and Setien should be motivated (then again, this one should be a given).

Now, obviously, this is the first time he get to manage such a big team so for all we know, all his nice talk won't mean much but I'm certainly hopeful that he could pull off what he say.

I'd say that what worry me the most is that he never did stay long at any top flight club so, I'm worried that it might be a move that even if he does well at first might prove to be temporary (one or 2 year at most).

What are your thought on the whole Valverde getting sacked and Setien being named in his stead?

tuan_jinn 2 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6626

I think it's a strange move, very strange move.

But I fully understand why Valverde got sacked, just dont get the time and the new assigned head coach.

The good thing about Setien is his football style, but so far he hasn't proven much on big stages, with that much of years of experience, it's not the right guy for Barca IMO.

With that being said, if he can adopt the right philosophy and can make the best out of Messi, Athur, De Jong and the 2 wingers... Barca will always be a team to beat.

Emobot7 2 months ago
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@tuan_jinn To be honest, he was by no mean their first choice, apparently, they tried to get Xavi but he would have refused because he dislike how the board are doing thing atm (also maybe he wanted more experience first) and they also asked Koeman who didn't wanted to leave his NT just six month before the euro.

So yeah, at this point, I suppose they just jumped on the first manager they could think and who have similar philosophy with Barca. Its a bit of a gamble for sure but for all we know, it could a surprisingly good one. Time will tell but at the very least, I expect better motivation from some of the team member.

tiki_taka 2 months ago
Barcelona, France 360 9574

Taking that barca in charge in this moment of the season is risky business for any wannabe coach or established one. It can end I. A random way. So taking Betis coach who has nothing to loose cause he proved himself with middle range teams and he is testing the next level, if he wins he will be puted in the map and in case he fells he will get back to the range of teams he usually coaches...

That's more risky business for the club, but at this point, anyone is welcome except of Valverde, we suffered many remontadas that we don't trust this coach/board we have, with the tamn we've got. better than the reds In paper.. but inferior in reality.

Emobot7 2 months ago
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@tiki Agreed, the move is more risky for Barca than for Setien. Unless he flop terribly, which I don't think he will. If he manage to play more beautifull football than Valverde, then it should already help him with the fan but if he want to last more than six month, he'll need results as well.

tuan_jinn 2 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6626

The first game has proven interesting.

  • Barca seems to have their identity back, at least for that game.
  • A lot of off the ball movements and quick passes.
  • They still rely on Messi to break the deadlock, but look promising.
  • La Masia products are being used.