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Question about Transfer Ban - Player Swap
NovaRuk 1 year ago
Real Madrid/Barcelona, Malaysia 17 741

Hey guys. Just want to ask something about this transfer ban. First of all, I know what a transfer ban is but there's one thing about it's rules that it doesn't state. Have been searching around Google and can't find the answer.

So, if a club received a transfer ban, can they still make a player swap? Recently, Chelsea have been hit with a 2 transfer windows ban. And before that, Gareth Bale was linked with Chelsea. So my question is, can Chelsea still make player swap as such like Hazard for Bale?

Dynastian98 1 year ago
Real Madrid 483 7138

No idea, but we would be scamming Chelsea so hard by swapping Hazard for Bale. :')

Hope they like their injury-prone, inconsistent, disgruntled wingers!

Marcus2011 1 year ago
Chelsea FC, England 276 6363

Transfer ban has been blessing in disquise! Bale can go right fkc him self all the way to Tottenham. Give us Isco. Midget for the midget. It will balance out this trade and only will be fair to entire team dynamics of each squad.

amir_keal 1 year ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2821

I don't think they can.

Emobot7 1 year ago
418 10084

@Marcus Yeah, I don't think that will happen, Isco has been really insistent he wasn't going nowhere and since Zidane used a lot before, don't why Real would swap him. :(

tiki_taka 1 year ago
Barcelona, France 360 9580

A switch is still a transfer lol, no switch, no loan only youth upgrade. Not even sure Higuain is staying.

nadiri 1 year ago
Real Madrid, Morocco 1 5

No idea