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Manufan456 8 years ago
Manchester United, Greece 3 19

Witch one do you like better?

koldimere 8 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

FIFA has better or rather real gameplay while PES has better graphics. I wish both of them would just combine!

omartawfik 8 years ago
Bayern Munich, Egypt 9 76

fifa for sure

JuanMata10 8 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696


bloodred1992 8 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

FIFA has more realistic gameplay than PES, but PES wins on graphics. Player faces are better in PES. Haven't played PES much but I think the gameplay of PES sometimes seems like out of a Hollywood movie, its just too fast to be true; but that however is what makes it enjoyable.
What really lets PES down is that they don't have all licenses for the Premier League as a result of which teams are given fake names (Arsenal: North London, Man City: Man Blue) which sounds retarded and really takes away some of the shine from the game. But I'm sure this will change in the future.
I agree with @koldimere that if we get a hybrid of the two (graphics of PES, gameplay of FIFA, licenses of all leagues and Champions League) then it would be the best football game ever!
But as of now FIFA is my choice.

FootbalI 8 years ago
FC Copenhagen, Denmark 0 23

Do you guys really play football on a video game? O_o

IgliFCBIniesta 8 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 12 67

Fifa for Sure... Better tactics and More skills..
If you want to play "football" and not Like we play on the square choose FIFA

keith28120 8 years ago
Chelsea, Ireland 60 177

Well pes is good but Fifa's better

WhatTheHell 8 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 15 591

I prefer Football Manager 2012

WhatTheHell 8 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 15 591

Problem with PES is that the club name while FIFA they maybe have the license of all clubs i think but they dont have the UEFA CL license

Tuanis 8 years ago
River Plate, England 84 2278

I have had Fifa every year since 2003 but I have played PES too and in my opinion the career mode in PES is ten times better than in Fifa because you get more involved with international teams with your virtual pro as well as in the manager mode, it also shows a more realistic day-to-day gameplay. for next year it would be a hard decision on which one to buy, but something that I dislike a lot about PES is that almost nobody plays it compared to Fifa and many teams and players have very weird names and stuff so it makes it a very hard decision to take.

CR7skillz 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

i play both..

GunnerGo 8 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345


CR7skillz 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

pes?? chelsea = london fc??? manchester city = man blue?? arsenal = north london fc?? wtf is that -_- but the only thing i like is that with pes u can play champions league , world cups , copa libradores (south american football clubs)but in fifa u have ultimate team thats also fun

foreva 8 years ago
Manchester United, Spain 1 61


Jimskeleton 8 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 7 728

Definately FIFA because it has Ultimate team.

ChelseaRox10 8 years ago
Chelsea, England U19 142 978

Chelsea= London Fc Man city= man blue and arsenal = north london both great games but Fifa is more realistic so i like fifa more



@ FootbalI what the hell is wrong with playing football on a game console??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? There is nothing wrong with it...

Economist 8 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 1 79

FIFA ftw