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Didn't find anything.

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Lamps08 11 years ago
Chelsea, Poland 94 263

This is clear Özil :)

rockycruickshank 10 months ago
USA U20 0 2

I don't know him. Please tell me about him.

quikzyyy 10 months ago
Arsenal 429 9002

who is this guy

Emobot7 10 months ago
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Young Ozil aside, I'm kinda dissapointed of what I've been hearing about Ozil nowaday, seem like he's very much pro Erdogan which doesn't sit too well with me.

ChadLowe 8 months ago Edited
Manchester City, USA 0 2

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Ok, thanks. I don't know about him before. But now I know.

Neharikadagar 8 months ago
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nice post