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Neymar staying in PSG
_Pelle_ 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain 157 6905

Neymar is about to renew his contract with PSG the until 2026 according to l’Équipe.

What’s your reaction to this? Was it good or bad for him? PSG?
Will PSG now have a bigger chance of signing Messi? Resigning Mbappe?

quikzyyy 3 years ago
Arsenal 429 9003

I think it's important for PSG to keep at least one of Neymar/Mbappe. As I think Mbappe will want to leave and try to win Ballon d'Or, which probably won't happen if he stays in Ligue 1.

tiki_taka 3 years ago
Barcelona, France 367 9768

we do not want him, with his wages barça can pay 5 world class players in key positions... we don not have the money anymore anyway, he left, his problem if he isnt happy....

_Pelle_ 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain 157 6905

I honestly think that Mbappe and Neymar are not an ideal fit. They are both too much of individualists. It works in ligue 1 but to win UCL you can’t rely too much on such players. Of course, individual talent can be the difference between a win and a loss at the highest level, but in the end nothing beats a team that works well as a group. Therefore, even if Neymar and Mbappe are insanely talented, they do not work ideally when they both are in the team at the same time. They somewhat cancel each other out.

Thats why Neymar worked so well with Messi, who is not only insanely talented on an invidual level, but also a very good teamplayer. And thats why CR7 is one if the all time great even if he has a huge ego, and statpads... his teamwork is underrated a lot.

If PSG was to lose Mbappe, now that Neymar will sign an extension, I really hope we get someone like S Mané. Insanely talented, but no an individualist like Mbappe or Neymar. And why, in that case, I’d prefer PSG do business with Liverpool rather than with Real Madrid.

Just my opinions🙂

Emobot7 3 years ago
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I agree with Pelle, though I hope they get someone who's Neymar can rely on because when the going get hard, I realized Neymar tend to give up on team play and try to be the hero. Most of the time, it fail miserably in CL. If PSG had a player that could motivate the rest of the team and combine with Neymar when it happen or at least cool him down. That would help massively.

Otherwise, the one worry for me is that PSG invest too much into Neymar for not payback in the end. As for Neymar, I don't think there is nothing wrong with him staying at PSG, but honestly, he will never be considered like the equal of Messi and Ronaldo if he doesn't manage to win a CL with PSG.