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Napoli vs Liverpool Post Game Talk
Emobot7 26 days ago
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Ouch, Liverpool are really not doing good right now. Anyway, this game got pretty much done by the end of first half.

About Liverpool, their performance in first half was just pathetic, they're defense looked like a second division defense and their attack wasn't much better. Salah was suspectfully bad, missing some control that should have been easy for him. I don't know whats happening with him but he's a shadow of his former self recently... Anyway, Gomez and Elliot aren't good enough for this level of football, Milner and Firmino prime is behind them even if they are still hard working and Alexander-Arnold offensive contribution doesn't excuse his defensive performance anymore.

Its crazy how good their starting eleven can be when their player are fit and how bad they are when they fall back on the subs and rotation players, they propably one of the worst team when it come to depth. Anyway, second half was much more balance with the return of player like Thiago and Matip. Arthur wasn't there for a long time but he didn't seem much better than Elliot, no surprise there. Think Darwin is better as a starter than as a subs as well, he need time to get into the game.

Now, on about Napoli, what a team, I know they looked better because Liverpool had a disaster class in first period but they still looked really good. Their technical ability were really above average and they resisted Liverpool pressing quite easily. Was impressed with Osimhen, Zambo and Kvaratskhelia, was dissapointed that Osimhen was injured early on, think he was really good despite the missed pen. I also couldn't help thinking that Klopp just cannot get a break with the Simeone after Giovanni Simeone goal.

Second half got exciting really fast with 1 goal for each teams but after that, Napoli really calmed the game and kept control of the rythm of the game, Liverpool never looked like they were gonna get a second one...

Thought? Is Liverpool in big trouble already?