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My frustration with Courtois
Marcus2011 4 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 276 6363

His bs started back in 2013 when he played UEFA Super Cup against us . Then he did same crap in CL and played some of his amazing games . Then we benched our legend in favor of him . Then we sold our legend to our biggest rival just so Courtois will be comfortable about his future . Then he gives us crappiest seasons ever according to his standards or standards of Cech would have given to us who btw become best goalie of the year . Then he has this stupid low IQ loud mouth of his which we forgave him .

He better shine like a star this year !

quikzyyy 4 years ago
Arsenal 411 8021

Ah, I totally forgot about about Copa America, you're right then.. I though he got a holiday, that's why..

tiki_taka 4 years ago
Barcelona, France 360 9577

Well leave this Pedro out, it was just an example i listed many. My point is not just about Pedro, Cesc at Arsenal was better not only at Barça and i clearly do not talk about liga here im just asking some questions...
Not only about leagues, CL is clearly showing that some players have adaptation problems there, 2 Chelsea rejects reached CL final being starters and being crucial for Atletico Madrid. Cuadrado looked like he never played Football in his life when he joined the blues, he did wonders vs Bayern and was more important in WC than James for Colombia Calcio aside.
Im just aking questions dont see a critic or a subliminal point where there isnt, For Pedro he is no Messi but the Pedro i saw this season looked like unconfident, clueless tactically and could have clearly done better, he remains a detail about what im trying to point...

tiki_taka 4 years ago
Barcelona, France 360 9577

@Marcus Aguero has never reached 20 goals in Spain with Atleti, nor Torres. In addition to that players like Alexis, Tevez or Costa delivred instantly... I dont think its a league problem, i suspesct off pitch issues like life style, lack of pressure, wealth, players management, weather ( yes when your used to sun its a little complicated to move to a cold country ) and maybe other details that assembled may affect a player.
Fellipe Luis wanting to quit with Pedro and Costa rumours about leaving is just also surprising, im not claiming anything im just questionning the off pitch adaptation of some players.
Fot the competition thing i agree, players have less pressure on their shoulders, clearly doesnt give as much importance about achieving as in the recent past. I dont see old Mourinho Chelsea or SAF United not reacting week in week out, they have on them the pride to stand up money aside, i think the whole machine squad, coach and direction were going in the same direction, now it looks easier to loose 3 games in a row and go to training with the smile, its something unthinkable few years ago. Henry pointed it in front of Cesc, wages aside are the players ready to accept those situations without any reaction ? Knowing the potential of Chelsea as a team i just dont understand the lack of chemistry and suspect off pitch issues... Remains only a suspicion. who's their leader in the dressing room, if Lampard was there with Scholes and other big boys in the dressing room would he let this to happen ?

chelsea8 4 years ago
Chelsea, Iran 17 2219

Weather is the biggest factor and ofcourse in BPL you get tackled if you hold the ball for longer than 5seconds so you have to adapt physically.

tuan_jinn 1 year ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 194 6649


Found this after his Belgium howler

Courtois easily the most overrated goalkeeper ever. Should have never arrived at Madrid and should not have been best GK at the 2018WC. He’s the Belgian Joe Hart

That's true!

Dynastian98 1 year ago
Real Madrid 483 7138

He sucks so bad at shots directed near him. He always lets the ball slip through his legs, or in the gap between his out-stretched arm and leg. He's good at saving corner shots, but like 80% of shots are near him anyways.

Eden17Hazard17 1 year ago
Chelsea FC 156 4228

His biggest weakness I saw at Chelsea was saving long-range shots. It's like he's not thinking about his positioning when the ball's yards outside his box.

Gardner, Eriksen, Henderson, De Bruyne, Adam to name a few.

Like you say he gets megged/passed too often, and doesn't have the quality on the ball that this new generation of keepers do.

Still rate him as a top keeper, but I think it's fair to say he hasn't progressed since his loan spell at Atletico.

bluezz 1 year ago
Chelsea 14 724

the only problem i have with him is his attitude, he is a top class keeper (yes i saw the howler vs russia). cant believe we replaced him with kepa...

jiji22 1 year ago
Sabadell, Algeria 0 4

For me, Cech is the better keeper and has always been, but there is still potential in Courtois.

nola8000 1 year ago
CD Chivas USA, Algeria 0 2

the main issue I have with him is his frame of mind, he is a top class guardian (yes I saw the howler versus russia). cant trust we supplanted him with kepa...