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My friend and I foam bubble soccer ball
bubblesoccerball 5 years ago
Austria 1 2

My youth I make decision, as a teenager you should let go of myself there is no need to hesitate, give yourself in trouble and have a lot of things in the heart gradually I like help please.
Foam football is a very good choose to remember the first time I saw it, was attracted by his peculiar appearance, large oval, there are two gaps can go into the people, see others wear it feel very funny, but the next run special heavy beyond my expect them run particularly fast knock a person down to play up, suddenly feel very interesting.
Play like this with all of you make us feel very happy, in fact, sometimes not so complicated like the foam football no matter how many times can fell again stood up and never give up.
In the beginning I don't like football, even don't know how to play football just know football, but one day really realized! Football that can also like to play so I just want to tell you the news!
Bubble soccer ball is a kind new sport that is mostly played in Europe. People usually wear a ball called bubble suit while they are playing, they push each other. Bubble soccer ball bebubble football suitscame famous only because it was filmed in a TV show called Golden Gole. The bubble suit which is used in this game was invented in 2008 by a Canadian. The bubble soccer ball has now become the hot indoor and outdoor game in countries like Germany, Canada, USA, Australia, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Lebanon, Italy and Kazakhstan. Bubble soccer ball has already become a popular competition game in Europe. A good example is Netherland, where there twenty-two facilities which have been only or
Ganizing for mercifully soccer.
So foam football is also become a part of my life, every time I see him, whether in happy not happy when can play with friends, crazy together, very interesting!

liomessi10 5 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 221 3050

I'll bet a my life that was "bubblesoccerball"!