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Mino Raiola dead
_Pelle_ 2 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain 156 6892

First things first… rest in peace

You could say a lot about him… controversial, succesful nuisance, revolutionizing… etc

But my question here is: was he the greatest agent ever?

Emobot7 2 years ago
538 11435

Wait what? That was super unexpected, didn't know he was sick. I won't lie, I didn't like him and understood the many clubs and fans who disliked him or wanted nothing to do with him but thats isn't any reason to rejoice. He was one of the two greatest super agent in the world of football and even with all the negative controversy surrounding him, he was a monument of the current football world. Wonder what his death mean for his agency and the players under him.

RIP Mino Raiola, respect and sympathy to his family and those close with him.

SunFlash 2 years ago
USA 19 3260

I hated him...because he was so good as his job. Agents and their fees have had an incredibly parasitic effect on global soccer, and Raiola was the best.

Don't hate the player, hate the game. Which I do.


Gennady 2 years ago
Manchester United 284 3961

Rest in peace.

Algerino 2 years ago Edited
Napoli, Algeria 6 846

I never liked him because I dont like agents in general. But still may he rest in peace. RIP

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Never liked him because I dont like agents in genetal. But still may he rest in peace. RIP

DarthFooty 2 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1106

Some jobs come with dirty, sneaky reputations, and for good reason. This man took that to a new level. Like Sun said... Player... Game...


quikzyyy 2 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

changed the game to worse, but he was the best one in his job, no one even coming closer, RIP.