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Manchester United first trophy in 5 year!
Emobot7 23 days ago
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So Manchester United finally getting a trophy since the Europa League final in 2017. They won the EFL Cup final this week-end against Newcastle in a 2-0 win. Its Erik ten Haag first trophy in his first season in charge.

Honestly, this feel like a very good start in United project under Ten Haag even if the League Cup is considered like a minor title. Still, I think this really highlight how he started turning things around for United.

What are your thought and feeling on United current situation? Will they keep getting better under Ten Haag? Did they get lucky on the EFL Cup?

DarthFooty 22 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 30 995

I only see an upside to their progress. Sure this trophy is not the most highly recognized, but how many teams have never won it? Sometimes it takes a smaller step to work out the proper stride.

Let's see how they work the market, and see how their current sales play is gonna go. We could see them push this year's title race if City and Arsenal drop in form.

Emobot7 22 days ago
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@DarthFooty Can't really see them challenge for the title for this year but finishing third or even second would be great honestly for Ten Haag first season.

They are still in the FA cup and the Europa league, winning any of those would be a great accomplishement already.

I think Ten biggest success at United was dropping some key player like Maguire, something most of the other managers couldnt have dared to try.

iHEARTfootball 21 days ago
Manchester United 38 977

I'm super happy Emo.

Emobot7 21 days ago
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@iHEARTfootball Congrats mate, took some time but United back to their winning way. May it last for a long time.

_Pelle_ 19 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 145 6727

There used to be a time when these kind of trophies were almost irrelevant for them😄

Emobot7 19 days ago
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@Pelle Yep, you are right but its been a long time since then and you gotta start somewhere, this trophy seem like as a good as any for that. What United need right now is the winning mentality back and getting any kind of trophy is good for that so I say there no reason to look down on it. I mean, they will propably much happier if they get the FA cup or the Europa League but when you are in a situation where you long for a trophy, you still gotta enjoy what you get.