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Manchester United
_Pelle_ 13 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 114 6194

Man Utds form has been a roller coaster ride since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson, and we’ve had so many opinions about their current manager Ole...

But now that Man Utd are at the top of the table do you think that Ole is really the right man for the job?

Emobot7 13 days ago
444 10432

Well, its really depend on what United immediate goal are, if its to be a competetive team that challenge for the league each year, then I don't think he is fit for that job.

However, he did build a solid team that can challenge for top four, giving confidence to a lot of his player. So its not all bad.

I really don't think will stay on top for the rest of the season but what he been doing recently is deserving of praise. Ole certainly a good manager when he is under pression.

DarthFooty 13 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 14 662

The pressure is different for him there. He is an Icon of the club and they are surely going to give him more leeway than someone else. That said though, he does have pressure to win, so he can't afford to mess around.

I am not sold on him as United's manager still. The talent is there and we all thought they could play once they put their minds to it, so is there current form Ole's doing or, did they finally get their heads out their &*^?

Ole is a player's coach. He is approachable, supportive, and does care for the players. That helps to a degree, but you have to be a tactician, a strategist, and the know-how to flip games when facing certain opposition. Does Ole do that?

We will see......

tuan_jinn 12 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6766

I do enjoy our football these days and enjoy our current position.

But to be honest, I have so many doubts regarding Ole's tactical abilities. He is great with the lads, he's one of our blood, I like his football (however I have never really enjoy our football against big/elite teams, I blame that partially on our squad).

However, I still dont see his greatness in crucial areas like:

  • Reaction on game change event,
  • his subs during game don't make any sense most of the time (im talking about difficult games).
  • I don't see clearly our big team image yet (however I haven't seen that for 8 years).

We literrally fell flat in all big games (except some lucky, bus parking football)...

Take Bruno out of the squad and I strongly believe we would be lower mid table now :9