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Liverpool Injury keep coming
Emobot7 11 days ago
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So as you propably know, Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold are all injured for Liverpool and won't be able to play for the next few games.

Andy Robertson and Jordan Henderson have picked minor injury in their international games which might have them miss the Leicester game.

Salah also been tested positive for Covid-19 so he might also miss a few games and who know in which shape he will come back.

Has Liverpool been cursed this season or is it just a results of the intensity Klopp ask of his team? Share your thought!

DarthFooty 10 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 13 618

I would point mostly to the crazy schedule the teams have to play right now. Very short break and turn around for the new season, all the Covid start and stops, then add in that they are playing in the top league where all teams will give you a run.

I fully expected lots of injuries this season, not just for Liverpool, but all teams.

quikzyyy 10 days ago
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Has Liverpool been cursed this season or is it just a results of the intensity Klopp ask of his team?

first of all they were so lucky that past 2 seasons they barely had any injury, which is kinda mystery for me when they played so many matches in the highest intensity in the world. however I wish they get back soon the Gomez & VVD injuries are absolutely terrible, hope they recover quick. however how dumb was Salah to go to party(or whatever event it was) without mask on..

Emobot7 8 days ago
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You are both right, though I completely agree with quikzyyy in particular, Liverpool intensity has alway been far too high in my opinion especially with lack of rotation between player. Especially the defender. Like honestly, last year, Klopp been lucky to not have many injury in defense because he no real backup for a lot of players.

But yes, obviously, because of the short break, lack of break between the game and the fact the PL went back to only 3 sub by game, I fully expect lots and lots of injury. Football associations clearly care more about getting back into the scedule than about the players health. :(