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Liverpool Bus Blocked en route to Old Trafford
UnitedofManchester 3 months ago
Manchester United, England 6 45

Liverpool bus blocked and has tyres slashed on way to Old Trafford

Man Utd's rearranged match with Liverpool is once again in doubt as the Liverpool team are unable to reach the stadium.

The bus was blocked by cars stopping at around 5.30pm local time (18:30 CEST) on the way to Old Trafford. The bus was then stopped and had its tyres slashed. Despite initially seeming to be the official team bus, Chris Slater of 'Manchester Evening News' reports it is not the same bus which is being used to take the players to the ground.

There is a large police presence at the stadium and the United players are already inside Old Trafford after reaching at around 2pm in their own private cars.

Man Utd supporters have once again gather outside Old Trafford to protest from 6pm local time against the Glazer family.

It remains to be seen whether Liverpool can get to the ground and the match can take place. The game was due to take place on 2nd May, but was called off after hundreds of fans got into Old Trafford and invaded the pitch.