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Lionel Messi Named Football’s GOAT During NFL Super Bowl
Lacoste 3 years ago
Liverpool, England 32 563

Lionel Messi added another feather to his cap after being named football’s GOAT at the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday night. One could argue that Cristiano Ronaldo deserved the coveted award as he has won five Champions League titles, while Messi has won it four times with Barcelona. Also Read - Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo: Luis Suarez Breaks Cristiano Ronaldo's Record as he Strikes Twice in 2-2 Draw

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady was named NFL’s GOAT, Michael Jordan NBA’s, while the title of NHL GOAT went to Wayne Gretzky.

Messi was named football’s GOAT by the NFL on the basis that he’s won the Champions League four times and that is exactly what has stirred controversy.

expertfootball11 3 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

What the hell is the NFL anyways? This Super Bowl thing ressembles more a wrestling match than an actual sport

Emobot7 3 years ago
533 11331

Thats the beauty of football. When other sport try to superficially understand who is the best player of the sport, they will end up getting mocked for it.

Football is such an amazing sport and have so many legend that dominated in their time that unlike other sport, it doesn't have one obvious MVP that is better than the rest.

DarthFooty 3 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 33 1051

I will say this about most American sports. Only in the good ole US of A do they call themselves "World Champions" when the league is only in the USA. NFL teams do not play against anyone else outside the states. NBA only competes against US teams. MLB is the same thing, yet they often label themselves as World Champions. SMH

As for the Messi spot, all of the ads and such are sponsored and paid for by the highest bidder. Just like Ballon D'Or, it's a popularity contest, so they don't always get it right.