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Ligue 1 Rules Will Change For Messi
Lacoste 3 months ago
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One of the intricacies that follow the transfer is that the player must choose a jersey number. And that also happens with Lionel Messi if the Argentina captain lands at Paris Saint-Germain.

At PSG, the number 10 which is synonymous with La Pulga already belongs to Brazilian superstar Neymar. For that, MARCA said, the Paris club offered Messi number 30.

In fact, Messi has been offered the number 10 jersey by his friend, Neymar. But he refused and one of the alternatives was the number 19, which he also wore in his youth.

However, the number 30 is likely to be chosen by Messi. Although the rules written in Ligue 1 stated that this number could only be used by goalkeepers.

Ligue 1 is very happy to welcome a star like Messi. Changing the jersey number rules in favor of one of the best players on planet earth is no big deal for them.

"Numbers 1, 16 and 30 must exclusively be reserved for goalkeepers," the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), operator of French football's competition, states.

tiki_taka 3 months ago
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DarthFooty 3 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 16 820

I remember numbers 1 and 00 were reserved while in England and some other teams, but 16 and 30? Interesting....

I did read that Neymar was offering his number and that Messi declined. I have seen players sell their numbers to others and keep in mind, it does challenge jersey sponsors as it can affect their sales.

Emobot7 3 months ago
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Would have liked it if he could have had number 19 tbh. Anyway, the fact Messi refused Neymar number ten really show how humble and classy he still is.

Zebras 3 months ago
Juventus, Italy 8 55

lol anything to lick his arse