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Let's get together
HorseAFC 9 years ago
60 798

Hey guys I want to start developing a close relationship to footyroom users. whether you support my team or support my rivals.

Emobot7 6 years ago
536 11371

@Emrecan Lol, that moment when two person wich english isn't their first language try to communicate in it. XD

Emrecan_58 6 years ago Edited
Besiktas 149 3375

At least it would help us improve it.Just to speak English, I found a Kazakhistani girl in my University whose English was superb. After some time she started to like me lol

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At least it would help us improve it.

iHEARTfootball 6 years ago
Manchester United 38 999

How's that friend request mission going?

liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053

🎵🎵and if we get together, yeah get together, don't let the pictures leave you're phone🎵🎵
Soz that just came to my mind for some reason.. 😀😀

Golefty 6 years ago
Toronto FC 27 1016

Everybody should just get along

Emobot7 6 years ago
536 11371

@Golefty Lol, I agree, but it ain't alway this simple. Still, cheer for for getting along. ;)

Marcus2011 5 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

I am going to plea back to previous statement and recommendation that there is no better alternative that you send a lot of friend requests, ok then