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Last Minute World Cup Goals That Gave You CHILLS
ChelseaRox10 4 years ago
Chelsea, England U19 142 979

Last minute goals are always so amazing, goals such as Fernando Torres vs Barcelona in 2012 give me chills whenever I watch, and the world cup has so many (already a few this year!)

South Korea's 2nd vs Germany (2018)
England vs Tunisia (2018)
Spain vs Netherlands (2010)
Gotze vs Argentina

Just to name a few.

Also honourable mention to Sturridge's goal vs Wales in Euro 2016! (HM because it isn't a world cup goal)

iHEARTfootball 4 years ago
Manchester United 38 958

Leicester v Watford (2013) is up there as one of the most nerve-racking moments I've ever witnessed. That penalty save from Almunia, which quickly followed with the winning goal from Deeney was insane!