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Juventus iand shady deals
Algerino 11 days ago
Napoli, Algeria 5 801

Juventus have been deducted 15 points because of their transfer deals.

Once a cheater always a cheater I guess.

Emobot7 11 days ago
520 11186

@Algerino Huge and great to see honestly, deserve to be punished for their shady deal and trying to fraud.

Still won't see them relegated but their change of winning the league is propably over and likewise, I think it will be very hard for them to qualify for CL.

Still think this is far too little considering how long its been since Juve been doing those kind of thing but at the very least, there some aknowledgement of what they done.

Unrelated but things are now looking really, really good for Napoli, here hoping they finally win after such a long time Algerino!

Algerino 6 days ago
Napoli, Algeria 5 801

Im having a party if we win.

expertfootball11 6 days ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

Nothing new, it's Italy...

Emobot7 4 days ago
520 11186

@Algerino Honestly, Napoli winning Serie A should warrant celebration for its fans for a long time, been way too long since they won it. Especially considering all the amazing player the have had since then. I'll be rooting for you as a neutral.