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Juan Mata right to go to chelsea?
MESSImagic 13 years ago
Barcelona, Congo 14 103

personally i think Mata would of been better off at arsenal simply because of the way arsenal play. i think arsenal will finish on top of chelsea this yr. what do u think?

raimondo90 13 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492

No room for him at arsenal. They already have theo. and he's perfect for Chelsea because his the speed and creativity they were lacking

MESSImagic 13 years ago
Barcelona, Congo 14 103

with his quality he would of made room. chelsea is going down

bluezz 13 years ago
Chelsea 14 724

chelsea is going down?? its avb first season ofcourse we will take time to adapt to his tactics =.='' an mata is happy playing for chelsea..

JuanMata10 13 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

Haha MESSImagic this is the most stupid question that Ive ever heard