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Jorginho could rival Messi and Lewandowski for Ballon d’Or after winning Champions League and Euro 2020
UnitedofManchester 16 days ago
Manchester United, England 6 45

Jorginho played a vital role in the Blues’ upturn in form with his ability to snuff out attacks and start them for his own team.

After helping Chelsea to Champions League glory, the 29-year-old then started every match in Italy’s run to winning Euro 2020.

With a Champions League and Euro 2020 winners’ medal in his possession, there have been suggestions Jorginho should be in the running for the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

He faces tough competition, though, with Lionel Messi winning his first major honour with Argentina as they beat Brazil in the Copa America final, while Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski scored an incredible 48 goals last season.

The Ballon d’Or is typically awarded to strikers or playmakers – not defensive midfielders like him.

“With Luka Modric winning it before, especially when you’ve got Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, we maybe saw a shift in the importance of certain players in other parts of the pitch,” former West Ham and England striker Dean Ashton told talkSPORT.

“N’Golo Kante was definitely on the list before Euro 2020. Jorginho should be as well.

“Whether the people who are deciding it look in as much depth as you need to just to understand how good Jorginho is, how important he is to Chelsea, how important he is to Italy, that’s another thing.

“If you really look in depth at Jorginho, he’s so important.

“What he actually does for the side, both defensively and offensively, is so, so important and vital to Chelsea and Italy lifting trophies.”

DarthFooty 16 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 16 775

The Ballon Dor is an unfair award for the player base that most deserve it. It is more of a popularity contest, one won by mostly players who have the highest offensive output and flair.

Should Kante and Jorginho be in the running, I would say 100% yes. With Messi winning Copa, and his league-leading 30 goals in La Liga, it might be hard to look past him. Of course, titles bring more attention and with Chelsea and Italy pulling their victories in major tournaments, Jorginho might have some teeth.

I have said it before but they need awards that go with positional base performances. One for forwards, one for mids, one defender, and one for keeper. This would allow those players the more realistic opportunity to be recognized as the world's best in their roles.

But Fifa does what it wants and the Ballon Dor will continue to be the favorite winner. Just my opinion.

Emobot7 16 days ago
452 10690

Its pretty crazy how a single tournament change everything, before Copa America, people pretty much agreed Messi would propably miss getting it this time but now that Copa is over and he was one of the best player in tons of department + winning it? Damn its hard to not see him being favorite. :U

Obviously, ballon d'or is kinda easier to win for attacking players but I'm hoping Jorginho might make the 3 man list?

Anyway, I kinda agree we need more variety of award for different position, reward other players than strikers or attacking minded ones as well.

Footy_watch 16 days ago Edited
Paris Saint-Germain, Brazil 3 1217

All I know is Messi doesnt deserve it.

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All I know is Messi doesnt deserve it. But its a popularity contest so 🤷🏻‍♂️

SunFlash 16 days ago
Manchester United, USA 17 3168

To win the Balon d'or, you should be the best player on your own team. I've never heard a Chelsea fan, let alone anyone else, make that argument for Jorginho before a few days ago. Nonsense topic.

The answer is Lewa and we all know it. Messi is close.

tuan_jinn 15 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6871

Completely agree with Sunflash.

Despite really appreciate Jorginho, he was never a part of this discussion before European Champ. In fact he was one of the least impressive player top EPL teams (KDB, Foden, Kante were really up front...).

These national tournaments are to complete the comparision. KDB, Lewa, then Kante, Messi were my favorite. But one played for a much of an 1 horse race league, and the other was nowhere during Lampard time, and KDB failed in both CL and Euopean Champ....

Then, after Laporta, Messi has gone up hill none stop, his statss for Copa were just out of words... He had a terrible start and his team failed in both CL and domestically, however he and De Jong were the only 2 shining stars in that crumbling Barca. With that, he's back to the discussion again.

I think nobody really trust Balon' Or anymore :D, it has been one lame popularity contest.

I think they should give it to Lewa just because of last year where he clearly deserved

tiki_taka 14 days ago
Barcelona, France 366 9739

The start of the season will be décisive, Lewa for me was the most regular, covid prevented him from playing Vs PSG, with Lewa and gnabry Bayern would have won CL. And got poor Poland NT, loved the game he had Vs Sweden.

Kante won CL, best player in his position in the world, huge season.

Messi kept carrying both Club and country, Copa del Rey and Copa America being the best player of the tournament.

For me as I see how journalists vote, it's a Messi Vs Lewa season, Kante and Benz paid Euro upset.

Still 4 month remaining...

quikzyyy 14 days ago
Arsenal 424 8508

should nominate Emerson as well in that case, hope Messi/Lewa gets it.

Marcus2011 12 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6489

Award is bs and popularity contest but I have to Messi, Kante and Lewa are good picks.

I would give it to Kante or Messi as both were instrumental in their teams.