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Japanese fans pick up rubbish after their game
iHEARTfootball 6 years ago
Manchester United 38 1000

We can am learn from this, lads.

The World Cup isn't just a reflection of talents emerging globally, but also a very big reflection of different cultures from the crowds. Not saying that its only just a Japanese that do this, but I don't remember seeing any other fans doing it until now. I found the story quite inspiring, hope you do too. It's another reason why we should live our lives by example for the kids through simple chores like cleaning your room.

I'm gonna clean my room now.

the_bald_genius 6 years ago
10 1583

Japanese standard. Their street are super clean with rarely any potholes. I can afford to lay my ass on their concrete

Emobot7 6 years ago
540 11445

@baldgenius Well, in my case, I'm the kind of guy who can afford to lay my ass on any concrete if I feel tired. No matter if its isn't very clean.

@iHEARTfootball Completely right, great to see the fans being an inspiration for other people as well, no just the player. :D

tuan_jinn 6 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Respect to these people....

expertfootball11 6 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

Senegal did it too !