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Impact of ISL on Indian Football
Shivani139 28 days ago
Mumbai City FC, India 1 1

ISL has been in operation for nearly 9 years. What has changed in Indian football, other from improved pitches, better transmission, and more compensation for Indian players?

Our national team is losing to teams that we used to thrash (Vietnam), indicating that they have developed while we have not. Instead of improving the I-League, we sold franchises (half of which have closed, shifted ownership and home, or disbanded) and it plainly did not perform as intended because all of them were corporates trying to make money like in the IPL.

When the ISL was founded, it was stated that it was for the growth of the Indian football team, which is a positive thing, but this did not occur.

So, how do you feel about ISL? Please notify me.

DarthFooty 27 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 31 1020

Shivani... Unfortunately, I have not watched any matches from the ISL, and I don't see much exposure to your league outside your region.

The MLS here has struggled for years to push the US National Team to greater heights and get the attention the US markets are used to with the other major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL). Footy here in the States was not the top sport to play in youth and there was no way out of life situations or a way to make a living with it, so the better athletes grew up focused on other sports.

As things moved, US-born players have found the "in" is through Europe. College ball here is almost a waste of valuable time for the best players and going to England, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, ect, pushed their development so much quicker.

Now, the MLS is attracting bigger talent, and not all retirement players either. The game has improved a lot. The US National Team has improved.

Dont get me wrong, the level of play in the MLS is not near the more established leagues around the world, and there is a lot of room for growth, but it takes time.