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How to SAVE a penalty and How to Score : Math, luck or psyche?
Marcus2011 1 year ago
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DarthFooty 1 year ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 11 511

In my opinion, the best thing for a keeper to do is to pick a side and go for it. The plant foot and run up can help, but as in the video, the ball is too quick and it would be too late if the shot is struck well.

Having a cheat sheet does help, but if you think about it, you are only going the way the sheet indicates based on the shooters past attempts, so in essence, you are still picking a side and going.

For the shooter though, pressure is on way more for then than a keeper. Mind games, spot conditions, second guessing, emotions, even the walk up all play a factor. The shooter can't change their mind mid way or they will more often miss hit the ball. Dare the keeper to block your best shot, don't change it to fit the keeper!

Knock on wood, I have never missed a PK in a competitive match. I have three different spots to pick and I will always choose one and stay with it for the shot. In my head, you have to block MY shot, not me get the ball past you. Helps that it tends to go where I want with pace, so the keeper has a hard time even if they guess the right direction.

I have always wanted to try a chip up the middle, but I have never been that brave. haha

the_bald_genius 1 year ago
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I like pogba's or ronaldinho's penalty taking style where you try to outlast keepers patience