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"Highlights not available in your region"
Greatone 10 days ago
Arsenal, Australia 18 588

I'm in australia and have not been able to watch a single match's highlights for the last while on here because all the highlights are from skysports which are blocking it according to my region.

"Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

I wasn't saying anything for a bit because I was hoping not all highlights would be uploaded from the same source and eventually things would return to normal but I guess there's no point staying here if I can't watch highlights.

Emobot7 9 days ago
430 10225

Yeah, sadly, I'm gonna be honest, I kinda stopped coming to footyroom for my highlight need but I really think you should stay if only for the forum. Its a great place to discuss football with quite a few great peoples. ;)

Marcus2011 9 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 276 6399

YouTube killed football highlight websites

DarthFooty 9 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 13 579

Yeah, I don't come here for highlights anymore. Youtube works well for me.

expertfootball11 5 days ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2681

Did you try VPNs?
Basically since all these major sporting channels began releasing those short video of highlights, which are usually not longer than 3 minutes, and the subsequent crackdown on other channels, it has become increasingly difficult to find quality highlights. I'm still surpried how streaming still works in this ultra controlled cyberspace.

Ledley Today
Celtic, Australia 46 1300

@Greatone - Optus sport post the highlights on YouTube after a match for free.