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Hey all : )
shpalman 9 years ago
AC Milan, Italy 55 2252

just introducing myself,i post on here since the early footyroom days but i didn't have an i tought it was about time to make one : ) i am italian but i live in berlin,i hope to have some good football talks here on the footyroom forums since out there on the highlights boards it's quite difficult,due the overabundance of trolls and anonym kiddos. 
i am an AC Milan fan,i love Pirlo since the old Brescia times and i am also a big fan of that crazy awesome talented funny lad: Mario Balotelli! cheers all : )

Footaholic 9 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277

Cheers man. I drop by every once in a while so may see me occasionally. I'm glad you chose to validate an account b/c many of us tend to ignore those without one (being as they make up 90% of the trolls and what not). Anyway, welcome.
PS - feel free to search through any of the old threads for milan-related material. As a Pirlo fan you may want to check this thread I made...
I believe what I said at the time indeed came to fruition.

VanTheMan 9 years ago
Arsenal 5 263

Hey YO! 

GunnerGo 9 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345

Welcome mate, you look like a good person and very loyal to the Calcio, i'm looking forward to have many football discussions with you. Cheers mate!

ramaboy10 9 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463


shpalman 9 years ago
AC Milan, Italy 55 2252

thanks for the welcome buddies! really looking forward for what's to come in this next season,looks like there will be some changes..serie A is on fire with the return of juventus,epl and english football will try to sort things out after the euro2012 (i hope for them)...and the CL too..lot of stuff!!
@footaholic: thx for the tips mate ; )

kenkichiotaka 9 years ago
Manchester United, Japan 47 1894

Welcome,Calico Serie A is a really nice league to watch!!!!!