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Giggs denied a place at PLs hall of fame
_Pelle_ 13 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 118 6291

Because of being ”charged with assaulting two women and controlling or coercive behaviour” Giggs have been snubbed of a place at the hall of fame.

The question is... should morality have to be something to be taken into account when deciding whether a player is to be adeed into the hall of fame or not?

quikzyyy 13 days ago
Arsenal 423 8404

I get FA decision. It's hard to look at Hall of fame and tell yeah this guy here shagged his brother wife for years and assaulted 2 women.

Algerino 13 days ago
Napoli, Algeria 2 662

Hall of fame should be about what is done on the pitch. Not at home or the bar.

DarthFooty 13 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 14 716

As much as I would prefer to see only upstanding citizens be rewarded, I know that players can be two different people on and off the pitch. The player would be in the HOF because they earned it while on the pitch.

Same with other sports. Take Baseball for example. Many look at the records of players or those in the HOF with a virtual asterisk, because they cheated, or gambled, or did something to reflect a negative opinion of them, yet they are still in the HOF or still listed with that record.

expertfootball11 13 days ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2749

Innocent until proven guilty, keep them for now

_Pelle_ 13 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 118 6291

Maradona wasn’t a saint but would still make it into many hall of fames.🤷‍♂️

tuan_jinn 12 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6829

I have mixed feeling about it, when it comes to Hall Of Fame for football, unless the guy murder someone, I think it's fine to have him there... people will talk about it for sure...

on the other hand, I get why FA does that. Although innocent until proven guilty indeed!

Greatone 7 days ago
Arsenal, Australia 18 643

The question is whether you want children to be looking up to these characters? regardless of whether they should be put in on purely footballing merit, they aren't just statistics, they are people with a life story and children (and adults) will look up to and idolise the entire character whether the FA wants them to or not.

I think its fine if someone was a little bit of a scumbag but someone who was blatantly abusing people can't be in there