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Giampiero Ventura's decision making vs Sweden home game
Golazo111 7 years ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2607

At the second half the Italian team had problems with their gameplan substitutes, it took them 63'min to sub out Gabbiadini that was non-existant. Last sub was taking out Candreva that is probably the best player to make crosses and now we have evidence of Ventura wanting De Rossi to come in:

DChoff 7 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Italy 2 191

On the whole I agree with the general point of view. His decision making for this game and the entire campaign for that matter was terrible. But I disagree with a couple of the points above.

In my opinion Gabbiadini should have stayed on. He was linking well with Immobile and is far better suited to that second striker role. Belotti and Immobile cannot play up front together. They are far too similar. They Cancel eachother out. The worst thing is that Ventura count see that playing those 2 together did not work. Both score goals for fun for their clubs, but they play up front on their own, not as part of a 2 man attack. Ventura's constant need to shoehorn both players into the team when clearly it wasn't working was ridiculous.

Candreva shouldnt have even played. His decision making is poor. He had countless chances to put crosses in the box but never did. The mistake Ventura made was not playing Zappacosta as his wingback on that side. He has far more energy than Candreva up and down the wing and crossing the ball is one of his specialties.

As for the De Rossi incident. That just sums up what an absolute moron Ventura is. The whole world could see that the game was crying out for Insigne. But Ventura's ego got in the way yet again.

He didnt like to admit he was ever in the wrong.All year the people were calling for Jorginho. He didnt play him because he didnt want to admit that he'd made a mistake by constantly ignoring him. "he doent suit our style of play" what exactly was our style of play?? Getting held to 1-1 draws by Macedonia?? The stupid 424 formation that was tactical suicide??

The man is an arrogant egotistical cretin, who has never achieved anything in his entire career and now has been exposed for the true fraud that he is.

Italy must start again. The FA must be cleaned out, starting with that other oaf Tavecchio. Respected legends of our game should make up the FA committee; Sacchi, Maldini, Baggio, Del Piero ect. With Ancelotti brought in as manager.

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492

The very first time I've seen Ventura as a coach was in their match against Spain. He didnt convince me very much and they had some seriously poor results.
The match against Sweden was woeful. Insigne should have started from the get go. I cant believe the back three were doing more build up play than the mid and Im guessing thats what he wanted to change by bringing in De Rossi.
Its sad that so many Italian players finished their international careers like that. And it has made me more aware than ever how crucial the WC is to these players. Once every 4 years, miss one in your late 20s and thats pretty much it. Even missing one in your early 20s could be it if the team 4 years later fails like Netherlands, Chile and Italy.

DChoff, Ancelotti could be an interesting choice to manage Italy.

Emobot7 7 years ago
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When even a player know what to do better than the coach, its kinda bad. Kinda miss the coach captain role that used to exist in the past, I mean, after all, I don't see why a player couldn't see the full picture and chose the strategy for the team to follow. :(