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Galtier is PSG new coach.
Emobot7 5 months ago
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I'm gonna be honest and say I'm dissapointed with Galtier being chosen as coach for PSG. I mean, hes an excellent coach (propably one of the best French manager right now) and I know they are trying to focus more on results than popularity of the signing. But come on, Galtier got very little successful experience in the CL, I just don't understand how this work for them? Really think they should have go all the way to get Zidane.


DarthFooty 5 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 25 957

Perhaps Zidane was not ready to come in? Perhaps MBappe is calling all the shots and didn't want Zidane?

This is a team that tried the Galactico's type team set up and still has not captured their top prize. If they are really looking to shake things up with players, why not do a side step at the coaching level, and see what comes of it.

He is a solid French coach, might be just the ticket they need.

_Pelle_ 5 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain 140 6663

He’s pretty solid. But its getting annoying with all these new managers. There is no consistency.

Emobot7 5 months ago
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@DarthFooty My theory is that Zidane would have been part of that Galactico's mindset PSG is trying to get away from, that or he's holding out for the National Team job that should be free next year if France doesn't win the WC this winter.

Also, I'm pretty sure Campos felt a lot more comfortable working with Galtier than with Zidane.

@Pelle Technically, I think they might be more willing to let Galtier build something but only if he bring out good results in the CL. I don't think PSG want him to win it outright but showing sign of progress will be important.

Poch lost the job as soon as Real Madrid made their comeback. Galtier will have to work on the team mentality so bottling up game like that don't happen or else he won't have a good time at PSG I fear.

penny0067 3 months ago
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He is quite reliable. But with all these new managers, it's getting tiresome. There isn't any coherence.