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Former Charlton Footballer Madeleine Wright Has Joined OnlyFans After Being Sacked
TheRecapGuy 10 months ago
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Madelene Wright sets up an OnlyFans page after being fired by Charlton to “shake champagne while driving”.

Former Charlton ace Madeleine Wright opened an OnlyFans account after being fired by the club in early December.

The 22-year-old was frustrated after a controversial video of her swaying champagne was uploaded to Snapchat while driving from a balloon and inhaling.

A stunning soccer player has 140,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter combined.

Madelene Wright’s OnlyFans page was set up a month after she was fired from Charlton to “shake champagne while driving.

A former Millwall star has decided to market her talent by revealing on Twitter and Instagram that she has set up an OnlyFans page for 140,000 fans.

Wright posted a video to Her social media profile There is a caption “Check Bio” in connection with her new account on the adult site.

Former Adix superstar charges £ 33 as a monthly subscription to her page.

The news drove her fans to a meltdown, but one Twitter user jokingly saw something interesting. “Sign up and she’s standing there and kicking up.”

Wright has been lacking a club for a month since Charlton let go of her after a series of controversial videos were uploaded to Snapchat.

In the clip, you can see that a 22-year-old kid was seen at a party with friends and many were inhaling from balloons.

The second video allegedly showed a former championship soccer player drinking champagne while driving a luxury Range Rover.

After the clip was shared on social media, Charlton Athletic confirmed that Wright’s registration was canceled and she would no longer play in the club.